3 Phases in Cloud Hosting Business Plan You Need to Include

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Many people are interesting to use Cloud in their business. However, they should know if using Cloud is not easy. You need to be expert or hire the expert to configure and maintain the system. Before using it, you must make Cloud hosting business plan because it will affect the success of installing Cloud to… Continue reading 3 Phases in Cloud Hosting Business Plan You Need to Include

Cloud Computing for Business

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If you’re currently using smartphone, tablet or computer may not realized that you are actually a cloud computing user. Social Media company such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or Outlook stored their data in Cloud Computing. Forrester research in 2017 predicted that around 50% of global companies will rely on 1 public cloud application at least… Continue reading Cloud Computing for Business

Storage on Cloud Computing

To stand out on your business, you need to own the best technology to support your business, so you could provide the best services to your customers.The wide range of your customers data, you will need the right storage to keep them for further information, the right technology will be able not only keeping them… Continue reading Storage on Cloud Computing

What is Hybrid Cloud and the use of it?

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Sometimes, many companies are confused to choose the best hosting solution for their business whether they go with public or private cloud. If you are confused, then you can choose hybrid cloud as your best solution. What is hybrid cloud? This is a part of cloud computing environment and this is the mix between 2… Continue reading What is Hybrid Cloud and the use of it?

Cloud Deployment and The Forms of Cloud

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Cloud Deployment Meaning and The Models in This System Deployment of Cloud Computing actually is a very simple thing. What is cloud deployment means? Let’s read below explanation to understand more about Cloud Deployment before you apply it in your own cloud infrastructure. Cloud Deployment Meaning and The Forms of Cloud If you are one… Continue reading Cloud Deployment and The Forms of Cloud

Creating Cloud Computing Design

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To optimize the your Cloud, you have to build it with best practices designs recommended by the Architect of Cloud Computing Expertise. However the server architecture will require you to categorize and classify the applications by the resource needs. The Process of Making Cloud Computing Design Server is computing platform and certain software to be… Continue reading Creating Cloud Computing Design