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ICS Compute Grows by 378% in Less Than Two Years Since Signing Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS

Indonesia, 26 September 2023 – ICS Compute, a cloud consulting and cloud system integration firm, announced today it has grown its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business revenue by 378% since signing a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud in April 2022. ICS Compute’s AWS consulting business, which covers professional services and managed services, grew by 174% in the same period. The SCA between AWS and ICS Compute supports ease of access to AWS resources and services, and allow both entities to participate in joint go-to-market initiatives and drive business growth.

International expansion is a key driver of ICS Compute’s growth. In less than two years, ICS Compute opened offices in Singapore and Japan, the latter exclusively focusing on developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for customers. ICS Compute plans to open its Thailand office in late-2023, bringing its professional services and managed services to Thai customers.

Since it was established in 2017, ICS Compute has helped over 350 customers adopt AWS to optimize costs, enhance IT performance, drive agile business models to accelerate innovation, and build a secure and resilient IT infrastructure. A third of these customers are enterprises from industries including financial services, retail, and media. For example, ICS Compute helped media company MNC Portal Indonesia to implement geolocation services using Amazon Location Service, a location-based service that customers can use to add geospatial data and location functionality to applications. This allows the number of requests sent to the location services to be as precise as up to eight digits of the longitude locations where viewership is coming from to better understand current customer trends and personalize media program options for their customers.

IDC predicts the Indonesian cloud market to exceed USD1.3 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 28% between 2020-2025. To meet increasing customer demand for cloud services in Indonesia, ICS Compute is collaborating with AWS to build advanced cloud solutions using AI, machine learning (ML), data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the solutions ICS Compute built is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution using Amazon Textract; an ML service that automatically extracts printed text, handwriting, and other data from scanned documents; Amazon Comprehend; a natural-language processing (NLP) service; and build Foundation Models on AWS. The IDP solution will help organizations automatically classify documents and extract meaningful information without employees having to manually shift through physical documents every day.

To accelerate industry innovation, ICS Compute also developed a number of solutions addressing customer needs. This include a Retail Data Analytics Solution Package providing customers with data-driven dashboards tracking sales, inventory, and store management activities, enabling decision-makers to monitor their sales, accelerate innovation, and simplify the retail sales supply chain. ICS Compute customers can access the solution through AWS Marketplace, an online software store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software and services that run on AWS. ICS Compute also innovated on a manufacturing-focused solution package with AI, computer vision, forecasting, and IoT features made available to support factories and manufacturing customers maintain safe operations. ICS Compute plans to launch these solution packages in the Q2 2024.

A recent study commissioned by AWS and conducted by Gallup looked at 10 emerging technologies, including AI, edge and quantum computing, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. 85% of employers in Indonesia say at least one of these technologies is likely to become a standard part of their future business operations. To further prepare for a digital future, ICS Compute is upskilling its workforce with AWS. ICS Compute hired twelve advanced digitally skilled workers, including three AI engineers and three data analytics engineers, with plans to hire additional data engineers and architects, and AI scientists by end of 2023 to further build cloud solutions using data engineering, data architecting, and AI and improve customer support. To establish a foundational high-level understanding of AWS, 50 of ICS Compute’s engineers obtained various AWS Certifications which provided them with industry-recognized technical skills and cloud expertise, while 20 employees obtained the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification.

Since signing the SCA, ICS Compute has achieved the AWS DevOps and Migration Competencies, validating ICS Compute’s technical expertise and specialization to differentiate its business. The AWS DevOps competency gave ICS Compute the skills to complete a DevOps project for Indonesian nutrition company Frisian Flag in 2022. Compared to a traditional application development approach, ICS Compute’s DevOps solution reduced Frisian Flag’s infrastructure costs by 20%, freed up 25% of the development team’s time, and helped Frisian Flag to launch new web applications rapidly and reliably like Dunia Zuzhu, a mobile game promoting milk products to consumers.

“Indonesian companies are adopting the latest AWS technologies to accelerate their digital transformation and further enhance their customer experience,” said Budhi Wibawa, the founder of ICS Compute. “These companies turn to ICS Compute not only for adopting world-class cloud infrastructure like the AWS Jakarta Region, but also for deploying advanced cloud capabilities like AI. Our collaboration with AWS has helped us meet this demand by digitally upskilling our workforce, developing new cloud solutions that build customer trust, and supercharge ICS Compute’s growth through our office expansion into Singapore and Japan, as well as our upcoming Thailand office.”

“Since ICS Compute signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS, we have seen tremendous innovation and growth for our partner, their customers, and the cloud economy in Indonesia,” said Kirsten Gilbertson, Partner Sales Leader, ASEAN, at AWS. “Our partners are the biggest force multiplier for our customers and the local economy. We will continue to support ICS Compute and our partner community in Indonesia as they upskill and leverage AI to help customers capitalize on the scalability, agility, and security of the cloud.”

“ICS Compute’s Geolocation Services running on AWS provide us with the scalability to easily manage website traffic spikes of up to five times when our readers check the morning news on our portal,” said Andi Meza, Head of IT Department of MNC Portal Indonesia, one of ICS Compute’s enterprise customers. “Geolocation also helps us better deliver personalized marketing offers to customers based on their location, sustaining their interest and preference for our platform.”

ICS Compute’s commitment to growing its AWS business has been recognized by several AWS Partner Network (APN) award wins, including Rising Star of The Year 2020, and AWS Consulting Partner of the Year – Indonesia 2021 and 2023.

About ICS Compute

ICS Compute is an Integration Systems Company that focuses on Cloud Solutions. We provide Implementation, Managed Services, and Consultancies for multinationals, local companies, or startups. Focusing only on Cloud Computing, ICS received 3 awards as Partner of the Year and 3 competencies in DevOps, Migration, and Resiliency from Amazon Web Services (AWS). ICS currently has more than 50 Engineers with solutions offered such as Migration, Implementation, DevOps, and Data Analytics, ICS also continues to build its capabilities by creating IoT and AI/ML solutions.

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