Published On: 5 March 2024


Executive Summary

One of the pioneers of Optical Stores in Indonesia, Optik Melawai, starts their business in 1981 in Jl. Melawai, Jakarta. This chain of optical stores targets the middle and upper-middle-class market with fashionable, quality products sold in prime locations. Optik Melawai is well known for its wide range of high-end quality optical products.

Optik Melawai has more than 300 outlets across Indonesia, providing high-quality glasses and other optical products to the Indonesian market. Managing more than 300 outlets, they face challenges in creating a system to manage their business in many locations.

Cloud Journey

They started their journey in 2020 and are planning to modernize their whole system by implementing SAP system, POS for their stores, HR Applications, and also already planned to create Data Analytics. They are transforming themselves to becoming a digital company and following the curve of technology.

They map the whole instances requirements and also the SAP modules, and with ICS professional services team, sized the whole requirements and calculate the licenses required. With the wide range of selection of instances types in AWS, optimized to fit in different cases. AWS has worked closely with SAP to test and certify Amazon EC2 instance types for SAP on AWS solutions.

The project starts with Development Phase where the SAP implementor starts deploying the SAP system. The development phase takes around 2 months, for the licenses they use Suse Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. ICS Professional Team deploys the infrastructure for SAP using they also use 24 services, based on AWS best practices.

We separate the Development, QA and Production environments. We also separate the public subnet and the private subnet for security. In the Public Subnet there are Bastion, NAT Gateway and SAP Router, in the private subnet is the rest of the instances for the SAP modules. We proposed in Singapore Region since the Indonesia Region is not available at that time. We also set the back up with 7 days retention, to optimize the storage, where the data will safely back up every 7 days, but with minimum storage acquired.

After the SAP System is deployed, we helped Optik Melawai migrate their data to their system and run the test together with the customer and also the SAP implementor. We run the test for about 2 weeks, to ensure the system runs smoothly for the end users. We also implement AWS CloudWatch and Lambda to create a schedule for power-on and power-off servers for SAP Dev and QA, to optimize EC2 instances cost. “We are very much helped by the AWS Team and also their partner ICS, since they are not only implementing the infrastructure for our SAP System, but they also helped us in optimizing the infrastructure. It’s our first journey to the cloud, AWS and ICS give us guidance, support, and train our team to be more and more mature in the Cloud Environment”, said Wellie Boenawan, the Information Technology Head of Optik Melawai.

We are very much helped by AWS Marketplace for the SLES Licenses since they provide 70% discount if we buy the licenses annually. To help optimize Optik Melawai’s cost, we create a scheduler for the Development Environment and we helped them purchase the reserved instances for the production environment. With these methods, they save around 20% of saving for their IT infrastructure cost.

This is one of the initial phases of Optik Melawai Cloud Journey to AWS, they also migrate other systems after implementing SAP system. Currently, they are planning to run DevOps for automation to modernize and automate their applications to speed up their services to their customers.

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