5 Interesting Cloud Computing Stats and Facts in 2021

At this level, the shift to cloud computing is one of the most important and defining technological trends of our era. And while these statistics are great if you’re just curious, they’re also very knowledgeable about what the future of the internet and technology is all about. Here are some things that you should know… Continue reading 5 Interesting Cloud Computing Stats and Facts in 2021

Migrate Your Windows Workloads to AWS

The proven, reliable, secure cloud for Windows You’re persuaded. Your business can’t adjust rapidly enough to changing client requests while running your foundation on-premises; it’s an ideal opportunity to move to the cloud. To oppose resembles battling gravity. Yet, realizing this isn’t equivalent to doing it, and your groups are specialists in building and running… Continue reading Migrate Your Windows Workloads to AWS

AWS – EFS (Elastic File System)

Developer working on code late at night, view from the back

Hi pembaca ICS, Elastic File System adalah salah satu fitur yang file system yang memungkinkan kita akses storage / file system dengan kecepatan yang lebih baik dari s3 (simple scale storage) di AWS cloud, sehingga dapat mendukung multiple zone. Amazon EFS menyediakan penyimpanan file elastis sederhana, skalabel, untuk digunakan dengan layanan AWS Cloud dan sumber… Continue reading AWS – EFS (Elastic File System)