Published On: 24 June 2024

Company Overview

A technology company provides consultation services in system analysis for information management systems, actuarial information systems, network solutions, web design, web applications, and mobile applications. Additionally, the company offers hardware procurement services and is capable of conducting IT planning and implementation with up-to-date quality and effective solutions based on the partnership principle, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge

The Marketing team faced significant challenges in effectively managing multiple marketing campaigns and maintaining a strong focus on developing new marketing ideas. The team was divided between single marketing campaigns on individual products, resulting in limited focus and suboptimal performance. Due to limited resources, the business was running slow, and creating new logos or attracting new customers was challenging since the marketing content was always late due to the rapid pace of technology. It took more than 4 weeks to create a single marketing campaign, but management expected it to be done in 3 weeks or less.

Technology Challenge

The Marketing team struggled to keep up with the demand for creating high-quality marketing content and developing innovative marketing ideas. They needed a solution to streamline their workflow, reduce the workload, and enable them to focus on core marketing activities while ensuring timely delivery of marketing materials.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

The company decided to implement the GenAI Virtual Assistant, a solution developed by ICS Compute and powered by AWS Bedrock. The GenAI Virtual Assistant was integrated into the Marketing team’s workflow, enabling them to focus on developing marketing ideas and strategies while creating drafts of marketing content generated by the virtual assistant.

The GenAI Virtual Assistant solution employed few-shot prompting, providing the Claude v3 Haiku and Sonnet models with a curated set of examples from the company’s project templates and processes. This approach allowed the models to swiftly comprehend the context and generate relevant responses tailored to the company’s requirements. Furthermore, an advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) implementation was seamlessly integrated, empowering the models to dynamically retrieve and assimilate pertinent information from the company’s knowledge base for the Marketing team.

To enhance information retrieval, Cohere’s Multilingual Embedding Model v3 was employed to create vector representations of the company’s knowledge base, including both Bahasa Indonesia and English content. These vector representations were stored in an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database using the pgvector plugin. This approach facilitated efficient retrieval of relevant information, allowing the GenAI Virtual Assistant to provide comprehensive responses to project-related queries, regardless of the language used.

On Responsible AI

Following ICS Compute’s Responsible AI Policy, the use case for the marketing campaign planning process was designed with a focus on upholding the principles of Fairness, Transparency, and Human-Centricity.

In line with Fairness, the use case incorporates measures to prevent discrimination and bias, such as using diverse data sets and conducting rigorous bias testing. Transparency is ensured through clear documentation, human oversight via the Quality Check step, and by maintaining the marketing team’s control over the final campaign decisions. The Human-Centricity principle is exemplified by the human-centered approach, where the AI assists in ideation while the marketing team retains ultimate decision-making authority, considering broader societal impacts. While the diagram does not explicitly address other principles like Privacy & Security and Accountability, ICS Compute remains committed to upholding all Responsible AI practices across initiatives.

Customer Outcomes and Benefits

  • Improved Focus on Marketing Ideas: The Marketing team’s ability to develop new marketing ideas increased by 150%, from 2-3 new ideas per quarter to 5-6 new ideas per quarter.
  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: The team’s focus on developing innovative marketing strategies led to a 28.8% improvement in overall campaign performance. This improvement was calculated based on enhancements in lead volume, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI), key metrics that underscore the effectiveness of the targeted efforts.
  • Streamlined Business Processes: The GenAI Virtual Assistant alleviated the burden of divided marketing efforts, enabling the team to deliver services such as social media content, marketing promotions, event rundowns, and other marketing activities more efficiently.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: By swiftly delivering marketing content and campaigns, the Marketing team was able to engage with customers more effectively, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Time Savings: The GenAI Virtual Assistant reduced the time required to create a single marketing campaign from more than 4 weeks to 3 weeks or less, meeting management’s expectations and improving overall productivity.

A Manager at the company stated, “The top-performing GenAI Virtual Assistant has enabled our Marketing Team to concentrate on developing the idea for Marketing, thereby enhancing performance and customer engagement through swift deliverable time and improving business processes. Previously, our Marketing had limited focus and was divided between single marketing campaigns on a single product with others. However, with the GenAI Assistant’s capabilities, this burden has been alleviated, allowing our Marketing to dedicate their efforts more effectively.”

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