Published On: 15 March 2024


About Arista

ARISTA is a national company that started its business in the automotive industry in 2003 as an authorized vehicle dealer by providing complete services from sales to vehicle service. With the development of its business, ARISTA has transformed into one of the main automotive companies in Indonesia that provides land transportation solutions for various vehicle brands.

Currently, ARISTA does not only serve the sale and sale of new vehicles but also engages in the rental and auction business of vehicles.

A Brief Summary of AWS Case

Carried out by the Arista team is starting from the technical difficulties encountered by Arista, which the damage to one of the hard disks, due to the long ordering time, they finally planned to move to the Cloud, but at first, Arista did not use AWS as their Cloud Provider service, but other Cloud Providers to support the workload that is being run, however, while running, other obstacles were found but focused more on the Cloud Provider service itself, for example there was no further data or notification for billing that suddenly spiked, they tried to contact the local partner cloud provider, but didn’t get an answer and the last one was a version update without further info.

Due to the issues experienced, Arista Group finally found another solution to switch to AWS. Arista Group runs with AWS starting in March 2020 Currently, Arista Group is 100% fully running on AWS, Arista’s workload focuses on ERP applications for the company’s internals called ADMS, then other AWS uses are enabled for Front Office Sales Reporting to unit orders that end in to sales to customers, most of the workload is used to manage Arista’s business.

The Migration Method

The migration method used by Arista is the Lift-and-Shift method, Lift-and-shift is the process of migrating a workload from on premise to AWS with little or no modification. A lift-and-shift is a common route for enterprises to move to the cloud, and can be a transitionary state to a more cloud native approach. CloudEndure is used to maintain normal business operations throughout the replication process. It continuously replicates source servers, which means little to no performance impact. Continuous replication also makes it easy to conduct non-disruptive tests and shortens cutover windows.

Currently, Arista Group uses AWS EC2 (Database on top of EC2) and their internal ERP system are built on SQL 2009.


Arista Group Topology run On AWS

Arista Group Topology run On AWS

The following are the best practices that ICS recommends for running a cloud environment on the Arista Group infrastructure:

  • Proposed AWS Region: Singapore (ap-southeast-1).
  • Add 1 server on Public Subnet for Bastion Host.
  • Using 1 VPC on AWS, Single AZ use Public Subnet and Private Subnet.
  • Connection for Migration purpose: Connectivity between AWS and Azure will be using existing public internet
  • Tools to migrate VM from previous Cloud to AWS will be using CloudEndure. An agent needs to be installed on each On Premise servers. CloudEndure will be initial replicate to AWS, after initial replicate, we will cut over and launch to AWS.
  • License Windows Server 2008 Datacenter on each server will be provide by AWS.
  • License MS SQL Server on DB will be provided by BYOL Arista Group.

Currently, the Arista Group is quite happy with the environment that runs on AWS, the following benefits are:

  • Improvements in business process performance
  • Cost reductions
  • Increased time to market
  • Effective use of resources
  • Decrease in latency
  • Improved availability
  • Business operations improvements
  • Management efficiency
  • Risk improvements

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