Our Services

We help companies transform to the digital world, modernize their applications and innovating new business lines to reach their top potentials.


In the future, digitalization become one of the most important factor to help business sustain, compete and evolve. ICS came up to help customer adopt digitalization by leveraging Cloud Computing features. We help customer to get on board and migrate their current environment to the Cloud and adopt the cloud features and services to achieve the security, scalability, flexibility, and reliability for their systems. We also help our customer to optimize their infrastructure and their cost. Total solutions for their computing system.

We provide implementation for new or migration customers, managed services and also support services. As a system integrator we want to help customers to tackle their challenges,and also build new capabilities. We want to grow together. Together, us and our customers could define the future.

Blending technology and innovations is our philosophy, so customers will experience the privilege of modern technology. It will be a great pleasure for us to transform your business and co-create it to greater company.

Cloud Consultancy

We provide consultancy service for your infrastructure on cloud, especially if currently you still use on premise infrastructure, we will show you the benefits of moving to cloud. Our team of Solution Architect will assess your requirements and provide solution that meet your expectation. We will fully analyze which cloud solutions would best meet the client’s needs, we will make recommendations based on our analysis.
You could consult with our team for the newest Cloud technologies and solutions based on your current infrastructure or future workloads that could occur on your organization.

Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment is a process to look at your organization resources where our team will accompany you to examine and analyze, so we could provide clarity of vision and concrete steps so you could successfully adopt cloud. This assessment will be one of the stepping stone to achieve your goals as an organization with agile infrastructure, scalable, secure and also optimized. Together, hand in hand we will collaborate to achieve the best for your organization.

Cloud Provisioning

We will help customers to provision the right cloud services based on the customer needs, and follow the best practices to create a new cloud environment that gives reliability, security and scalability. We will use the tools for the orchestration of your infrastructure, automation and also provisioning software to automatically control the installation, configuration and management of cloud computing services.

Cloud Migration

We will help to make a seamless migration for customer workload to the cloud, by using the proper tools based on their applications. The whole process such as moving digital assets, workloads, IT resources, and applications will be done in a seamless method, to ensure that no data is missing and everything could run smooth on Cloud. We will ensure that you have smooth changes and everything run well in your new cloud environment.


DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. Dev-Ops also means the automation of agile methodology. The idea is to empower developer to respond to the needs of the business in near real-time. Most public and private cloud computing providers support DevOps systemically on their platform, including continuous integration and continuous development tools.

Cloud Optimization

By using monthly reports and tools, we will help our customer to do cost and infrastructure optimization that will help them to make sure no wasting usage in their cloud environment. We will do several method to ensure your infrastructure is not only effective but also efficient. We will identify idle and unused resources, right size your computing services, do Reserved Instance or Saving Plan for your long term usage and other strategy to build an agile, efficient and optimized infrastructure.

Consolidated Billing

ICS Compute will help you consolidated your billing organization for single or multiple Public Cloud/Principal accounts. The invoice you received will be a converted invoice, from USD to IDR where we will also provide you the tax invoice which will help you in complying the Indonesian Tax Regulation. This services will also help you easily track your charges across multiple accounts, without any additional cost.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

We can help our customer based on their needs, to create scheduler backup and/or disaster recovery environment with the best scenario and proper services from the cloud providers. You could choose between active-active or active-passive for your back up, if ever an outage occurs and data is lost, you could go to your backup and/or disaster recovery environment to restore it.

Hybrid Cloud

We can help our customers to create and manage hybrid cloud environment, which could be the combination between on premise and cloud, or private cloud and cloud or multi cloud environment. This model enables communication between each distinctive services, and give businesses greater control over their private data. An organization can store sensitive data on a private cloud or local data center and simultaneously leverage the robust computational resources of a managed public cloud.

Cloud Managed Services

This service is intended for companies who doesn’t have their own IT team or their IT team are not ready yet to using the public cloud. Instead of hiring new IT team that will create great cost for your company, we will manage your Cloud Infrastructure, and make sure your business runs smooth. Our Support will provide monthly report, and also will create suggestions for better performance. If you need 24/7 support, don’t worry we also cater such requirements for your business sustainability.
By using the right tools, we will create a real time monitoring, automate backup / failover, easiness, and secure environment and access.

Infrastructure Modernization

ICS will help our customers to gain more benefit by doing modernization in their current infrastructure. By doing so, customers can gain more flexibility, reliability, scalability, and avoid paying for expensive licences. This will help your organization to set footprint in the future business, achieving better performance for their operation and also clients need.

Data Analytic – in collaboration with Northbay

Massive amounts of data can become a challenge. ICS in collaboration with Northbay (AWS Premier Partner in US) can help customers to create environments in AWS cloud by using the right services from data collections, data ingestions, data processing, data analysis and data visualization. The whole goal is discovering useful information for conclusion and supporting decision making for an organization. Data analytic techniques enable you to take raw data and uncover patterns to extract valuable insights from it.

Machine Learning – in collaboration with Northbay

In these modern days, not only IoT Tools or sensors can be connected with machine learning. By leveraging AWS machine learning services, we can help customers to create or implement easiness for customers daily operations. Machine learning algorithms use historical data to predict new output values. The popular uses of this service are fraud detection, spam filtering, malware threat detection, business process automation and also predictive maintenance.

SAAS – Software as a service

ICS as a System Integrator we aspire to provide total solution for our customers. We partnered with many excellent principals who always tries to become above the curve to serve our best to help our customers with their innovation journey.

We partnered with security, Databases, CRM and many more technoloy providers.