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Landing Zone Solution

Public Cloud infrastructure can be built on a single account, but what if the infrastructure environment is massive, how to manage a large infrastructure on a single account when you have multiple types of services. The single account can provide all infrastructure requirements for the services, but not provide the best practice of architecture. You may have difficulties managing all services with a security risk. Landing-zone provides a well-architecture for multi-account environment solution on a public cloud that aims to increase flexibility, and ease in managing and deploying infrastructures according to security policy. ICS Compute can help you building the best-practice landing-zone architecture based on your organization's requirements.

Inovation Cloud Services LandingZone

For installing and maintaining AWS resources in a multi-account environment, our Landing Zone package provides an all-inclusive solution. You may quickly create a safe, expandable Landing Zone architecture using our package to suit your unique requirements. To create and deploy a Landing Zone that adheres to best practices and satisfies your organization's security and compliance standards, the ICS Compute specialist will collaborate with you. Also, you'll gain access to continuous care and upkeep that will keep your Landing Zone safe and current over time. With our Landing Zone bundle, you can streamline your AWS management while concentrating on fostering innovation and business expansion. The list of Landing Zone advantage is describe as below :

  • Landing zone offers a scalable and consistent method.
  • Provide¬† best practices for security, compliance, and cost reduction by creating a Landing Zone.
  • Landing Zone can decrease manual errors and boost productivity.
  • Ensure that your users have the right amount of access to resources.
  • You can more effectively promote innovation and growth by utilizing a Landing Zone to better align your AWS consumption with the broader goals and plans of your company

ICS Compute has experience and scenarios on Landing Zone projects, now we can provide the AWS architecture for your Landing Zone environment, so you don't need to worry to start your journey with landing zone.

The ICS Compute Landing Zone Package

The ICS Compute Landing Zone Package

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