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DevOps Solution

With so many Operations and Development tasks in the IT team, companies still need to maintain the productivity of application development and keep operations running. DevOps is a solution that has continuous integration and continuous delivery designed to standardize application processes so that they can be deployed quickly and safely. DevOps will change the conventional way of maintaining applications by combining development and operational teams as one unit. We have experience in DevOps projects and can provide you with solutions to improve your business. Our expert DevOps solution will show you how to build a pipeline from planning to monitoring with DevOps tools available in the Cloud.

Inovation Cloud Services DevOps

Welcome to our DevOps Package Solution!

If you store your code on laptop or separated device this could be a security risk, if you try to compile or test your application on unknown repository you might have an unpredictable issue, if you try to deploy your application you must create an image or infrastructure to test it and the worst part it is take can take a month!. These kinds of problems can be mitigated by moving into DevOps.

This package is specifically designed to maintain your application with the application pipeline. If you don't have any knowledge about DevOps on AWS, ICS Compute will help you with :

- Explain DevOps in Detail or Demo.
- Assessment.
- Enablement before project kick-off.
- Provision.
- Transfer knowledge after the project.

We offer this DevOps package to have standards on development & operationality so DevOps can impact and improve your business agility.

The ICS Compute DevOps Package Solution

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