Securing Your CI/CD Pipeline

Developer working on code late at night, view from the back

Software firms have long relied on a DevOps approach to enhance agility and collaboration in software delivery. CI/CD pipelines automate processes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to enable seamless integration and delivery of new features. While CI/CD pipelines enhance software development through automation and agility, they involve integrating numerous tools and services, which can… Continue reading Securing Your CI/CD Pipeline

ci/cd menggunakan bitbucket pipelines

halo sobat sekolahlinux, kali ini saya akan coba memberikan sedikit penjelasan tentang bagaimana cara menggunakan tutorial bitbucket pipeline indonesia, sebelumnya kamu harus punya account bitbucket, jika sudah punya account bitbucket selanjutnya buat project, lalu didalam projetnya buat file dengan nama bitbucket-pipelines.yml seperti dibawah ini lalu didalam file bitbucket-pipelines.yml isinya seperti dibawah ini 1 2 3 4 5 6 7… Continue reading ci/cd menggunakan bitbucket pipelines