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AWS and ICS Compute enter Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Jakarta, Indonesia, 24 February 2022 – ICS Compute, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) member and AWS Advanced Partner and Solution Delivery Partner, today announced the signing of a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with global cloud services provider AWS. The Strategic Collaboration Agreement signed by ICS Compute and AWS includes upskilling of talent and developing advanced features on AWS.

Through the SCA, ICS Compute will increase its use of advanced AWS services, such as data analytics, machine learning, AI, and serverless systems, to drive digital innovation in Indonesia. ICS Compute’s helps customers, including Kawan lama group, Tempo Media and Arista Group, to reinvent their businesses through implementing, modernizing, and optimizing cloud solutions and thus supporting their digital transformation and innovation, including in cloud financial management (FinOps). ICS Compute plans to develop its FinOps consulting practice together with AWS, including preparing cross- department, multi-knowledge teams across finance, consulting, and engineering disciplines. The SCA also includes training in sales enablement as well as in technical and delivery capability for ICS migration business.

FinOps is predicted to play a more critical role as cloud transformation enters a more mature phase in Indonesia. FinOps is an evolving discipline and cultural practice that maximizes organizations’ business value by helping engineering, finance, technology, and business teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions. FinOps will help teams manage their cloud costs by employees taking ownership of their cloud usage supported by a central best-practices group. Cross-functional teams in Engineering, Finance, Product, among other practices, work together to enable faster product delivery, while at the same time gaining more financial control and predictability.

Through the ICS Bootcamp program, ICS Compute will train future digital talents and equip them with cloud skills. There is great demand for skilled digital talent in Indonesia. An AWS study found that Indonesia will require over 110 million additional workers with digital skills by 2025. As part of the strategic collaboration with AWS, ICS Compute will also participate in AWS re/Start, an initiative to help unemployed and underemployed individuals to start their cloud careers through classroom- based training. Apart from contributing to the development of digital talents for the nation, the AWS re/Start program is also expected to create even more IT job opportunities in Indonesia.

The launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region in December 2021 created opportunities for the nation’s economic pillars – from micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), startups, to world- class enterprises – to adopt cloud services to realize digital transformation. The AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region provided greater compliance with data localization requirements, and was well- received by the financial services sector.

To further drive cloud adoption, Indonesia will need the guidance and support of trusted IT partners to achieve comprehensive cloud usage across their operations. As a prominent IT organization, ICS Compute will develop new and innovative initiatives with AWS to accelerate digital transformation for local businesses.

“The AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region empowers Indonesian businesses to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. We are very happy to take our partnership with AWS a notch higher through this Strategic Collaboration Agreement, helping our customers gain more value

from the cloud and develop a new generation of skilled cloud practitioners. We hope this Strategic Collaboration Agreement will help ICS Compute further execute its vision – to Reinvent and Go Beyond. We hope to be able to grow with the nation’s young generation and continue to develop the right solutions for Indonesian businesses at all levels,” said Budhi Wibawa, Founder and CEO of ICS Compute.

ICS Compute has been an AWS Consulting Partner since 2017. Along the journey, ICS Compute has achieved titles such as APN Rising Star Partner of the Year (ASEAN) in 2020 and APN Partner of the Year (Indonesia) the following year. ICS Compute serves customers across a breadth of industries, with special focus on the financial services sector and startups.

“Our partner is crucial to expand local cloud usage, and Indonesia is no different. ICS Compute often manages the whole IT infrastructure of their customer base and has quickly become a trusted advisor among their customers. The Strategic Collaboration Agreement with ICS Compute strengthens and deepens our mutual commitment to develop digital talent and to build robust and innovative cloud solutions for our joint customers in Indonesia,” concluded Gunawan Susanto, Country Manager, Indonesia, AWS.

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