The first AWS Select Consulting Partner in Indonesia

In only a few months of our company establishment, we have become the Select Tier of AWS Consulting Partner in Indonesia. This is the proof how serious our company in catering Cloud Computing solutions to the market.

Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

We are partnering with reliable Cloud Provider, known for their great and full range services in the world. World class player, that aims in transforming business into digital world that can rapidly scale new growth initiatives. Reliability is one of our main factors in choosing our partner, for we know that leveraging our clients will only possible through a reliable platform.

Rich Feature Solutions

All applications that was created currently already available to implement on Cloud. These movement will create a rich environment in Cloud Computing, from a-z of your requirements will be available on top of Cloud Computing. You don’t have to look elsewhere to find the right and effective features for your company.

Certified Cloud Engineer

We continue growing our team, our engineers already passed the professional test for Cloud Solution Architect. We gradually enlarge our team, so we could provide greater solutions to our clients.

Best Value for Money

The coming era will be digital transformations in all channel, answering this challenges by using ICS Compute, will help you meet the rising expectations. ICS Compute will be your best value for money, since we will boost your business to meet your customers need and also prepare you for future demands. Your investments in us will create a sustainable paths for your company.