Security Posture Management on AWS

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Security Posture Management on AWS

In an era where businesses rely on cloud infrastructure for scalability and agility, security posture management serves as a guardian, tackling the numerous problems provided by the cloud's dynamic nature, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps need to be uncovered that potentially expose sensitive data to cyber attacks by continually monitoring and reviewing cloud setups. This proactive approach avoids breaches and data leaks from occurring, bolstering the organization's security against ever-changing cyber hazards. ICS Compute can help organizations to protect assets and also facilitates on Well-Architected Framework Review and the review can be used as a parameter idea for regulation. Its ability to provide real-time visibility into cloud security postures and Well-Architected Framework enables security teams to respond to new risks and effectively enforce security standards.


Build Infrastructure can be challenging, the cloud enterprise infrastructure needs to follow company regulations and compliance. Without any comprehensive visibility, remediation and report, the manual check and best-effort remediation reduce your productivity. The ICS Security Posture Management is the professional service, managed service (support) solution that can be used by any organization to follow a Well-Architected Framework. The solution will provide Well-Architected Review, the security remediation. configuration on AWS Security Partners Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM Platform) and managed service (support) after CSPM installation. The security posture management will help you to improve and maintain security posture with features as below :

- Single SaaS platform that centralized security risk on Cloud.
- Easy to manage, and provide actual condition of your architecture
- Alert and report of any violation based on company regulation or security compliance

To achieve and maintain well-architected framework especially on security pillars, ICS Compute offers ICS Security Posture Management Package Solution :

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