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GetPlus Maximizes the Value of Its Loyalty Program on AWS


Global Poin Indonesia – Migration to AWS :

PT Global Poin Indonesia is the operator of GetPlus – a free membership coalition loyalty program that enable members to earn reward points from their everyday shopping across all retail categories. GetPlus mobile application was on Feb’2019, currently they have more than 350,000 members.

They migrate their web application and mobile application from other public cloud to AWS. But then, they also migrate their CRM application to AWS. During the migration we use replication scenario with Cloud Endure, were we install agent on their legacy system and replicate it automatically to AWS. Below are the topology during our replication with Cloud Endure :

These are some of the services that ICS implemented for GetPlus Environment, with optimized infrastructure and following AWS best practices for security:

  1. API Gateway
  2. EC2 Windows
  3. RDS
  4. S3
  5. ELB
  6. Cloudfront
  7. WAF
  8. Secret Manager
  9. DynamoDB
  10. Lambda
  11. KMS
  12. And many more..

Below are the topology that Get Plus used after their migration to AWS

In AWS, they convert MySQL Database into RDS, where the database is managed by AWS. They also use API with Lambda, so they could enjoy the automation in AWS. They also use several linux OS on their applications, but most of the core applications are on Windows. For scalability in AWS they set their threshold on 75%, where the servers will automatically scale out and after the traffic is below threshold the server automatically scale in. This helps them maintain their traffic, especially during promotion in shopping malls.

After their migration in 2019, they experience no issues on AWS and are very happy with the optimization they receive. They are targeting to move to microservices for the upcoming year, and they are very excited to add more applications to AWS.