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We started our journey by becoming one of the partners of AWS. We have proven our team comprised of AWS certified engineers in migrating Indonesian customer along their cloud transformation journey to the cloud, AWS Cloud.

Through those migrations we could be a Select Partner in Indonesia, in just months. Through our partnership with AWS, we are eager to increase the adoption of not only Cloud Computing as an infrastructure, but also succesfully migrating our customer’s Windows workload to AWS.

Hosting Windows workload in AWS allows you to optimize your cost, but at the same time bring your current licenses to the Cloud. Through time, you will learn that Windows Workloads on AWS is not only optimizing your cost, but also helps you modernizing your IT system and infrastructure.

With ICS, a certified AWS select partner with proven capabilities, we can support you on building, deploying, scaling and managing your Microsoft applications easily and more cost effectively as the first step. Furthermore, ICS also provides Manage Services for companies that don’t have dedicated IT team for the company, we will manage, monitored your whole workloads on Windows while you could focus on building your business.

Please find below our Study Cases that we have worked on Microsoft Applications on AWS :

PT IDmarco Perkasa Indonesia

As an e-commerce company, IdMarco found it difficult to help their customers without any ticketing system applied in their system. They ask us to help them building their new ticketing system, to help customers raise their issues to the customer service.

After some reviewing, they decided to build their ticketing system with windows based application. We build the ticketing environment, attached with the e-commerce environment. They have used the ticketing system and it helped them on monitoring the issues raised by customers and also keep track the progress of an issues. Starting through a small development on ticketing system and follow the growth of their business really helps the IT Team.

PT Indoliquid Teknologi Sukses

After a few years running their business in Indonesia, Indoliquid as a biometric company decided to grow their reach to bigger market in Indonesia. They decided to build a small e-commerce, to show their services and also their capabilities to Indonesia.

They build their website on Windows, while they are building the content of the website, they ask us to build an EC2 server for them. We provide the e-commerce environment based on the best practice of AWS services, such as Database MSSQL and also Active Directory. The migration of the live website runs smooth, and runs well until now. Through this new e-commerce application, hopefully they could reach more customers in Indonesia. You could see their e-commerce site at store.indoliquid.id, and reach out to them should you have any queries.