ICS Compute wins AWS Rising Star of The Year Award on AWS Partner Awards 2020

Jakarta, 25 November 2020 – PT Innovation Cloud Services (ICS Compute), a System Integrator company that focuses solely on Cloud Computing, received the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Rising Star of The Year Award 2020 on the annual AWS Partner Awards.

Each year, AWS honors AWS Partners who are leaders in the channel and play key roles in helping customers drive innovation in their business. Through these awards, AWS recognizes AWS Partners that are constantly building capabilities and specializations to ensure customer success, .

Budhi Wibawa, CEO of PT Innovation Cloud Services (ICS Compute) said “We are very proud of this award. Our hard work has paid off, especially in times of pandemic impacting the entire industry, this award proves that we are on the right track. I see that the entire industry will be transforming towards a digital platform, sooner or later. I looked at these projections a few years ago before building ICS Compute, looking at Gartner’s early quadrant results on AWS-led cloud computing for 6 consecutive years, laying the groundwork for building our collaboration with AWS from the start ”.

“At AWS ASEAN, we consider our AWS Partners an extension of our team and building a high-performing, diverse, and sustainable network of AWS Partners is our top priority. Each year, we honor our AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who are leaders in the ASEAN channel community and play key roles in helping customer drive innovation and build solutions on AWS,” said Conor McNamara, Managing Director, Head of AWS ASEAN Commercial Sector,” The ASEAN Partner Awards recognize a wide range of born-in-the-cloud and traditional APN Consulting and Technology Partners whose business models have embraced specialization and collaboration. Throughout 2020, its been awesome to see how our AWS Partners have assisted our customers adopt and drive in this new normal. Their recent success is testimony to their passion and dedication to providing customers with innovative cloud solutions,”

ICS Compute started working with AWS in December 2017. It started with a team comprising just 2 sales persons and 4 engineers with less than 10 projects. Within a span of 10 months, business activity and demand increased by over 50%; and the team had to add more sales and engineering headcount to the business. To-date, ICS Compute is now a 30-staff strong team based out of Indonesia. With increasing demand seen for services such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Machine Learning in the market, ICS Compute is committed to adding more resources going forward so as to serve customers better with the relevant solutions and expertise

Forrester Research Inc. predicts that in 2021, the global market for cloud infrastructure will increase by 35% with a total projected profit of up to 120 million USD. Coupled with the projection after the pandemic where more employees working from home will increase by 300%, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services will become an essential requirement for companies engaged in B2B Business. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be a special personalization to make it easier for buyers to shop and become an attachment for consumers and sellers.

ICS Compute has also penetrated this service, where increasingly its customers are starting to add this service to their application requirements. The need for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is projected to be 60% in 2021 by Forrester.

Recognized as the Rising Star Partner by AWS is certainly not the final step for ICS Compute, but it is a starting point for the company to develop even more as a local AWS Partner in Indonesia. ICS Compute plans to work towards AWS Premier Partner status in the next few years, and also they want to enrich their abilities by adding specific competencies to their services.

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