Big Data in Cloud Computing

Currently, data is a valuable asset. The rapid development of data usage in everyday life causes the need for data storage management to be very important. Traditional databases that are commonly used as data storage today have limitations. The development of cloud technology to store very large data is a solution that is currently the answer to the limitations of traditional databases in managing very large data both in terms of storage methods or access speeds.

In an era of large-scale data usage when analyzing or deciding, big data is a technology that is common for companies or organizations to manage data, whether structured or not. By setting the right data, the company can analyze the data obtained to determine an appropriate decision to be taken based on historical data held.

Therefore, management of data storage, including very large data, is a challenge nowadays which has standards for functionality, storage media capacity, storage media performance and flexibility of big data storage media.

By implementing big data as a storage medium for companies or related organizations requires physical space with a large size, besides that funds for server maintenance also become an obstacle in its implementation. Cloud computing is a tool that can be used as a large data storage media.

Cloud computing allows users to store data on a large scale by utilizing a good computing system and strong architecture. In addition, the use of cloud servers can be tailored to user needs so that it will minimize the cost of using and maintaining big data.

Big data

Big data is a series of techniques and technologies that require integration to get hidden values ​​from a set of data, big data has 5V which is an indicator of the success of its application, namely value, veracity, volume, velocity, and variety.

Whereas if this large cloud server can be categorized into 5 parts based on its aspects, namely data sources, content formats, data storage, data processing, and data staging. This classification is used to help understand the characteristics of big data.

Mahadata, or better known as English, is big data, a general term for a large, complex and unstructured set of data so that it becomes difficult to handle if only using ordinary database management tools or traditional data processing applications.

Big data has three characteristics including:

Big Data Volume

Big data has a very large amount of data so in the data processing process that requires large storage and more specific analysis is needed.

Velocity Big Data

Big data has fast and real-time data flow.

Big Data Variety

Big data has a form of a data format that is diverse both structured or unstructured and depends on the number of data sources.

Big data can be applied in all aspects, such as in the fields of business, health, government, tourism, etc. By using tools for retrieving or processing data using the software.

By understanding the big data cloud server compute is important, then an organization will easily process and analyze data or a problem that is being faced both from internal and external within the organization.