What is Amazon Web Service?

Cloud Computing is everywhere around the world and used by many companies and there are many of them you can use. AWS is no exception at all. What is Amazon Web Service? This is basically the cloud-based platform offered by Amazon. AWS gives the mix of 3 different services. First is SaaS or Software as a Service, second is PaaS or Platform as a Service and the last one is IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service and those are given all to customers.

What is Amazon Web Service and The Advantage

When you talk about Cloud computing service for companies, enterprises and businesses, then you need to choose the best brand you recognize already. What is Amazon Web Service and what are the features given by them? AWS is not the new platform because it has been launched since 2006 from Amazon.com as the biggest e-commerce site in the world. AWS is created to handle the operations or online retail and the fact is, AWS is one of the first companies in the world that introduces the cloud computing service in mode “pay as you go”.

The purpose of the scales is to give users with storage and compute as they need. AWS gives services from many data centers which are spread around AZs or Availability Zones in some regions around the world. The zone represents the location which contains many centers of physical data while the region is the collection of the zone in geographical area which is connected by network links. The customer of AWS can spin up the VM or virtual machine and replicate the data in different zone to get the reliable infrastructure which can resist to failures of servers individually or all data centers.

AWS portfolio has over 100 services including features used for security, development, application, infrastructure management, databases, compute and more. Each service belongs to different category. One of the most popular features used by companies is:

  • Storage

S3 is the product offered by AWS and it stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service. This feature gives storage for scalable object in data backup, analytics and archives. The professional in IT must do it because an amateur will find it difficult. The professionals will store the files and data as object based on S3. The file and data must not be over 5GB so those will be organized perfectly inside the Cloud storage. The business and companies can save much money if they use storage by AWS through Amazon Glacier for long term storage.

What is Amazon Web Service, then? This is the best platform for security and storage so the data will be safe, synchronized and organized well.