Big Data in Cloud Computing

Cloud storage background, remixed from public domain by Nasa

Currently, data is a valuable asset. The rapid development of data usage in everyday life causes the need for data storage management to be very important. Traditional databases that are commonly used as data storage today have limitations. The development of cloud technology to store very large data is a solution that is currently the… Continue reading Big Data in Cloud Computing

How to Store Data in Cloud Server

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How to Store Data in Cloud Server. Cloud server storage is a form of service where digital data is stored in logical pools on several virtual servers. Server cloud is normally located in a data center managed by cloud providers. Data can be easily accessed by users from at any location, anytime and any device.… Continue reading How to Store Data in Cloud Server

Cloud Server Backup Service

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If you run an important backup routine for home users, you can try to protect your data by copying files to a local drive, but that requires time and effort. This also makes you vulnerable to disasters such as fire, earthquake or theft, hardware failure, and others. This is why uploading your files to the… Continue reading Cloud Server Backup Service

What is Amazon Web Service?

Cloud Computing is everywhere around the world and used by many companies and there are many of them you can use. AWS is no exception at all. What is Amazon Web Service? This is basically the cloud-based platform offered by Amazon. AWS gives the mix of 3 different services. First is SaaS or Software as… Continue reading What is Amazon Web Service?