3 Phases in Cloud Hosting Business Plan You Need to Include

Many people are interesting to use Cloud in their business. However, they should know if using Cloud is not easy. You need to be expert or hire the expert to configure and maintain the system. Before using it, you must make Cloud hosting business plan because it will affect the success of installing Cloud to your data through network system. The plan is not easy at all but the tips can help you to know what to do in managing the plan for building Cloud.

How to Make The Great Cloud Hosting Business Plan

When you make the Cloud hosting business plan, you have to fulfill the requirements before applying the platform to cloud and vice versa. These are what you need to include when you make business plan using Cloud as the platform for security such as:

  • Data export and client access
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Type of cloud you want to use which is the public cloud, private or mix between public and private or known as hybrid
  • Training, data backup
  • Budget needed
  • Privacy and data security

If you want to get them all properly on the plan sheet you make, you have to make the well-compiled planning. However, the phases in planning are not only one but there are 3 phases you have to put as the plan such as Strategy, Planning and Deployment phase. Each phase will be explained below:

  • Strategy Phase

In this phase, you have to check and examine the problems you faced from customer to your business and there are 2 steps to complete and finish the analysis. One, you need to make the value proposition using Cloud and make another new strategy planning for the business using Cloud. What you need to include and think in Value Proposition?

In Value Proposition, you have to examine the factors that will affect customers when they apply Cloud mode and the purpose is solving the problems they faced. Meanwhile, Value Proposition has several things as the key factors you need to input in your planning so you can get the great Cloud platform such as:

  • The outsource of hosting service in very high quality
  • Hosting service must be low in cost especially for the outsourcing
  • Innovation in business mode
  • Cost reduction for maintenance and operation
  • All factors that will help you in running the business for the better future.

Meanwhile, the strategy planning is created based on the experience of customers when they use Cloud so it can’t be planned without any experience happened before.

  • Planning Phase

In this phase, you will conduct the analysis of risks and problems inside Cloud to make sure if the Cloud can meet the customer’s goals successfully. Just like before, there are some steps you need to put inside this phase such as:

  • The development of transformation plan
  • The requirements of service development in high quality
  • Development of IT architecture
  • Development of business architecture
  • Deployment phase

In this phase, it will focus on 2 phases before and it will include choosing the provider of Cloud and also technical service as well as the maintenance of the cloud.

Those are the things you need to include if you make Cloud hosting business plan so you will not miss any important factor that will affect the success of your business later.