Cloud Computing for Business

If you’re currently using smartphone, tablet or computer may not realized that you are actually a cloud computing user. Social Media company such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or Outlook stored their data in Cloud Computing.

Forrester research in 2017 predicted that around 50% of global companies will rely on 1 public cloud application at least in the end of 2018, now the adoption of Cloud Computing has grew larger world wide. The market of public cloud currently valued for more than 178 billion USD and continue to grow. Cloud computing empowers business from small scale to enterprise scale, they are considered one of the tools to grew larger in the business world.

Why companies use Cloud Computing services? these are the reasons :

-. It can be accessed globally
-. It offers some perfect upgrades and the latest technology services
-. The technology eliminate the risk of losing data
-. It give beneficial customization according to business requirements
-. It is secure and flexible

Through all those benefits, business players doesn’t have to think twice before applying it to their companies. Not only effective, but its also efficient. So, when are you going to move to Cloud Computing?