Storage on Cloud Computing

To stand out on your business, you need to own the best technology to support your business, so you could provide the best services to your customers.The wide range of your customers data, you will need the right storage to keep them for further information, the right technology will be able not only keeping them in wide capacity but also archive them in a good method.

AWS Cloud Computing not only available for infrastructure, but also their services provides storage for your data. Retrieving and storing data no matter the size is could be done through the internet. This service will provide reliability, stability and flexibility in your business.

These are the products of AWS Storage :

  1. Amazon S3
    Amazon Simple Storage Service or known as S3, provides object storage through a web service interface. There are three classes for different cases, the S3 Standard is for general-purpose storage of frequently accessed data ; S3 Intelligent- Tiering for data with unknown or changing access patterns ; S3 Standard-Infrequent Access if for long-lived but less frequently accessed data. Amazon S3 also offers capabilities to manage your data throughout its lifecycle.
  2. Amazon Glacier
    This services are meant for Deep Archive, the long-term and digital preservation. Comparing to the traditional archiving, you will save so much time with this service. Not to mention the price that is affordable compare to the traditional space renting for your archive.

You simply have to choose the right services for your necessities. With a complete range provided, you will not only cost optimized but also save time for focusing on your business. So start pick your storage services now and experience the simplification of archiving on computing.