What is Hybrid Cloud and the use of it?

Sometimes, many companies are confused to choose the best hosting solution for their business whether they go with public or private cloud. If you are confused, then you can choose hybrid cloud as your best solution. What is hybrid cloud? This is a part of cloud computing environment and this is the mix between 2 different forms such as private and public cloud. By allowing the workloads to move those as the computing needs and the cost changes, hybrid gives more advantages.

What is Hybrid Cloud and How it Works?

If you are confused between public and private cloud, then choose hybrid cloud. What is hybrid cloud? This is the mix of those 2 words mentioned earlier and it can give you more flexibility and options for the data deployment. If you want to establish this cloud, then you need to know the requirements. The first one will be the public IaaS or Infrastructure As A Service such as Amazon Web Services. Second, you need the private cloud’s construction.

You need either premises or just through private provider only. The last one, you need the perfect connectivity of WAN or Wide Area Network between those environments. Generally, most companies choose public cloud for accessing the storage resource, compute instances and other services such as serverless compute capabilities or analytic clusters of big data. However, they don’t have the direct control for the architecture in public cloud. So, the deployment of hybrid cloud must be private cloud.

This cloud can reach the compatibility between clouds and desired public cloud. This may include the suitable hardware’s implementation in data center involving load balancers, LAN or Local Area Network, storage and servers. The enterprise has to deploy the layer of virtualization or known as hypervisor to support as well as create VMs or Virtual Machines and it can be containers. After that, IT teams will install the software layer of private cloud such as OpenStack. Hypervisor will provide the capabilities of cloud.

The capabilities may include chargeback and billing, resilience and reliability, orchestration and automation and top of that self service. The architect of private cloud will create local service menu that users may choose such as database instances or compute instances. The successful key to create the best hybrid cloud is selecting the software layers of cloud and hypervisor which are so compatible with the public cloud.

After that, the developer can create the additional advanced applications using mixed services. What is hybrid cloud, then? This is the best solution for you to go out from confusion in choosing. Let’s discuss more about Hybrid Cloud. We on ICS ready to make your dream into reality.