Creating Cloud Computing Design

To optimize the your Cloud, you have to build it with best practices designs recommended by the Architect of Cloud Computing Expertise. However the server architecture will require you to categorize and classify the applications by the resource needs.

The Process of Making Cloud Computing Design

Server is computing platform and certain software to be hosted there. There are so many vendors that can manufacture and produce servers. However, there are also some different server architectures and each of them has their own specification. Transaction, web, content even main servers need different storage, network and compute resources. Meanwhile, what cloud computing design’s server needs? There are no exact answers about it because it depends on target market.

The reflection of market will also affect the users that will use it. Servers give 4 things. The first one is network access so the resources can be connected widely. The second is I/O access for retrieval and storage. The third one is for memory of execution to the application. The last one will be to compute the power from chips of microprocessor. The application perhaps uses the resources to differentiate degrees and it means the application will be categorized by the needs of resource. The classification is combined with business plan.

The purpose is to yield the right model to get the maximum server architecture of cloud computing. The starting point of the cloud computing server architecture’s design, you need to use Facebook Open Compute to make the framework of your project. The networking service of Facebook is in large scale, so the capabilities are so specific for the similar application. The baseline of Open Compute is two sockets that will allow until 12 cores for each socket in 2.x designs’ versions. The capacity of memory will depend on DIMMs.

DIMMs stands for Dual Inline Memory Modules. You need around at least 256 GB. Meanwhile, the design will use tall tower for the blades that will allow the better cooling with large fans in lower power. Meanwhile the SATA or known as Standard Serial Advanced Technology Attachment for the Gigabit Ethernet and storage is used for network interface. Around 24% of claim of the cost from Open Compute and Facebook is the advantage. Prepare the computer well if you want to create the best cloud computing design of server architecture for the sake of your business. If you need more advice to have best design, you can count on us.