Cloud Security Audit

Before starting your own Cloud Computing, it is better to audit your Cloud especially the security part for better understanding about your cloud. With the speed of the technology curve, with auditing your Cloud, you could update the applications or find better solutions for your Cloud.

What is Cloud Security Audit and What for?

Basically, cloud security audit is needed but the requirement may include SLA or customer’s service level agreements. The systems, processes, procedures and implement policies will satisfy the requirements of compliance. Meanwhile, you have to monitor the process, procedures and policies diligently. An audit is always done against benchmark which is pre-specific. SLA can be considered as the only benchmark to audit an outsourced provider. It means, if you are clearer, then the possibility of misunderstanding cost is fewer.

To do the audit, you have to make sure if things under it are covered to your SLA’s cloud such as:

  • Know the critical services such as RTO, RPO and more

What mentioned above on the title are so important from any disaster recovery and you need to make them clear in black and white into provider and sign them off. RTO is Recovery Time Objective, RPO is Recovery Point Objective.

  • Audit’s right

If cloud computing may fall over one to another for offering the guided tours of premises, they are more reluctant from third parties to audit the system. Even they allow the audit, the examination for the procedures and policies are might be restricted. However, it is not restricted for the implementation’s effectiveness. You are not allowed to bring the non-compliance’s evidence off the premises.

  • The steps of audit

In doing the audit, you need to know the person or party that will do it, in what level the audit is and who is in charge to check and how to check it. For example, you host the database from cloud computing provider. You need to know who is in charge to tune database, what level the parameters on and how long or how often? Are the findings implemented? Who will give approval? And many more.

The work of cloud security audit is based on the ISO 27001 of the cloud provider. This is the certificate sent directly to you for demonstrating the audit. Perhaps, you may get the event reports based on the real time from SIEM tool. You need to know as well about the reports, the format of the reports, what time the intervals be sent and who is the person to receive. Our team, could help you performing the audit to achieve a secure applications.