What is Cloud Computing?

Many people think that the world of Information Technology(IT) is too complex to understand. However, if you wish to build a sustainable business, IT is such an integral part and could not be left behind. As it is important, one function of IT stood out the most when it comes to help companies achieve their goals in a productive and efficient manner. That function is none other than Cloud Computing. Here we would like to help you to understand better, what Cloud Computing is and how it will help growing your business.

If you heard Cloud Computing, what kind of things that cross your mind? Cloud computing basically is moving your computing resources to virtualization. Instead of buying computers and stacking it in your office, it’s provided for you as a service by another company which you could access it over the internet. The hardware and software provided for you are located somewhere up in the “cloud”, you don’t have to worry about the location of the servers or how large the servers are.

So what is the benefit of Cloud Computing? The first benefit that you gain from using Cloud is there’s no capital expenditure upfront. You could start your business now, without buying any servers and you don’t even have to start your business in large capital. It’s that easy and that simple. It’s a perfect start if you wish to build your own start-ups.

Pay per use is the second benefit that you will received by using Cloud Computing. If in the old days, you have to project the usage of your Servers for the next three years, by using Cloud Computing you only have to pay according to your usage. It could be charged per hour, or per day, depends on your computing usage. Imagine how optimized your cost expenses going to be.

One of the largest Cloud Computing in the world is Amazon Web Services. We, ICS Compute, proudly says that we are the first standard partner of AWS in Indonesia. You could enjoy all of the above benefits just by applying Cloud Computing in your IT Infrastructure environment, and experience the differentiate between the traditional computing and cloud computing. The automation in Cloud Computing will made you sleep better at night.

AWS as one of the largest Cloud providers in the world has complement their environment with broad spectrum of services for all scales of companies. Their services are so versatile, all in one place. Starting from small scale like Website and Email Hosting to Business Applications, Blockchain Services, Internet of Things and many more. You are entering a complete ecosystem of the future.

Hopefully this introduction could give you better understanding about Cloud Computing. Before migrating your computing, we recommend you to consult with our Team to find the best architecture for your infrastructure, and also to optimized your cloud computing in AWS system. So, start entering your cloud now, build a sustainable business, and grow to the top of the ladder.